Fix sales//Test ideas



Chat Moderators undertakes discreet, deeply probing one-on-one bespoke qualitative market research for board-level (C-suite) executives with both the need, and the discretionary budget, to evaluate sales issues or ambitious initiatives.


We give B2B organisations the information - the business intelligence - needed to revive sales, or to understand the external risks of an ambitious undertaking before committing to it.

So you need to get inside the head of existing, or prospective, clients. And you can't do it yourself.


Now either you don't have a market research department in-house, or if you do then perhaps they are already at capacity, or the task you have in mind is simply too sensitive to be rattling around your corridors and networks.


What's more, the targets you have in mind are simply never going to go along to a group discussion - they can only be approached one-on-one! Click here for more on this.